The mining sector needs sustainable solutions

MINE.THE.GAP brings together SMEs from the raw materials and mining sector with companies that have solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain. Through open calls and support services, MINE.THE.GAP makes business ideas a reality.

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Survey on sustainable mining risks

Together with the Royal School of Mines in Imperial College, the Technical University of Crete is conducting research on risks for sustainable mining in Greece and Europe. Stakeholders and companies from the mining sector are invited to take part in...

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For a greener tomorrow Top challenges and needs

Raw materials are important in today’s society – but an overall negative image of the sector is still prevailing. One reason can be the use of non-modern, less environmentally friendly and even outdated methods and technologies. We need to change this and tackle these challenges!

Open Calls MINE.THE.GAP offers SMEs two open calls for innovation vouchers on preparation, validation of ideas and proof of concept/demonstration activities.

Design and implementation of a prototype/proof-of-concept to demonstrate the viability of the proposed solution.
TRL: 6-7
Project lifetime:​ 8-9 months
Funding conditions: ​Maximum per SME: 25k€​

Developing and testing in a production environment of a functional demo/pilot with all the major features of the product/service/solution.
TRL: 7-8
Project lifetime:​ 9-12 months
Funding conditions: ​Maximum per SME: 50k€​

BUSINESS Support Services MINE.THE.GAP will provide a number of business support related services to the selected projects to enhance their innovation capacities, promote technology transfer and commercialisation, and boost their internationalisation.

Behind the project Our partners MINE.THE.GAP is managed by a strong consortium of European partners that help SMEs to innovate and grow.